The Internet, print, television, smartphones... So many ways to get the news. But how do you as a business owner get your message heard by the right people? How do you get them to follow and engage? How do you increase your sales?

JJ's Press is a social media company that specializes in blogging and curating original content. We use the most recent and popular platforms to share content and use the best tools when it comes to time management, scheduling, and making sure all your accounts are covered. By utilizing the power of social media, we take "dead clicks" and turn them into engagements, followers and leads. We create campaigns tailored to our clients goals and are dedicated to increasing your web traffic. Learn more


What we can do for you.

Social Media

JJ's Press can help you create and maintain the many accounts associated with your brand.

Event Coverage

We specialize in event coverage. Whether you need it before during or after, we can help you!

Blog Team

Our team of bloggers create original content covering a range of events and festivals.

Events we cover on our social media networks.

Clients We Have Worked With


JJ's Press is a social media agency specializing in blogging and curating original content. We specialize in event coverage with our "Mob for Hire".


Do you want some extra buzz during your next event or festival? Want some help getting your social media set up and running?